Susan Kricun has a versatile skill set, a quick mind, and a warm and pleasant personality.  She can do almost anything a job takes, do it well, and have a smile on her face when she’s finished the project.  There is never a worry when Susan has the assignment.

- Jay Thorne | Jay Thorne, Inc.

Not only was Susan a delight to work with, but she gets results! I was amazed at the amount of publications that promoted my business based on Susan’s press releases.  Everything from front page news articles to a live demonstration/interview on the news. She continued to have great ideas on how to promote my business. Susan worked hard at getting the word out about my restaurant and the excellent press I received proved she is priceless.

- Polly Levine | Owner, Chestnut Lane

I have worked with Susan for the last 17 years. You will not find a more competent, focused and respected PR agent in the Valley. Susan’s ability to get to the right audience is uncanny. She sets a goal and does everything possible to meet it. She not only has great relationships in the local media but maintains a very broad base of professional relationships as well.

- Cathey Moses | VP of Event Planning & Marketing Grand Canyon University

Vincent on Camelback has enjoyed our working relationship with Kricun Media for nearly nine years.  Susan is wonderful to work with and her guidance and counsel with regard to public relations has profited our various businesses in many ways. She also has vast media contacts in the Arizona market and has facilitated several media opportunities that have been very beneficial to us throughout the years, including print, television and radio. Vincent on Camelback strongly recommends Kricun Media for any PR or marketing needs your firm might have in the Phoenix market.

- Leevon Guerithault | Owner, Vincent on Camelback

As a freelance writer covering the Valley’s restaurant scene, I rely on public relations representatives to keep me up to date on new dining destinations and the activities of our top chefs. Susan is one of the best, known for her professionalism, close working relationships with those in the restaurant industry, and her ability to cut through fluff and give reporters exactly the information they need without the useless hype that makes us hit the delete button. She makes writers’ jobs easier and showcases her clients at their best.

- Barbara Yost | Freelance Writer for the Arizona Republic

As food writer for the Arizona Republic, I worked for nearly nine years on numerous stories with Susan Kricun. In my book, she ranks as one of the Valley’s most competent public relations and marketing specialists for a multitude of reasons. First, she understands the media, from deadlines to story focus, and pitches stories accordingly. In addition, her news releases are accurate and comprehensive. Susan also accommodates the media’s need for photography by arranging times and location for food photo shoots. Equally important, she is delightful to work with.

- Karen Fernau | Food & Drink Reporter, Arizona Republic

When I think of Susan Kricun, I think three words… she knows television!! After going “live” from her events for more than a decade, I’m always guaranteed to have a ton of visuals, viewer-friendly information (completely organized for you) and most importantly… LOTS OF FUN! It’s always “can’t turn away” t-v with Susan, so when she calls me or the desk… we all know it’s a guaranteed, homerun live shot or story. With her experience from concerts, professional sporting events, charity causes…you name it, Susan knows everyone in town and has a stellar reputation of getting the job done for her clients. She delivers!!

Sean McLaughlin
CBS 5 Chief Meteorologist/News Anchor

- Sean McLaughlin | CBS 5 Chief Meteorologist/News Anchor

I have to say, being in television for more than 20 years, I have seen my share of segment guests and the folks who represent them.  I have to tell you, when I know that Susan Kricun is involved, I can count on it being a great bit.  I have known Susan for years.  Our relationship started out a little icy! I say that literally! I met Susan when she was working with the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team and their Charities.  It’s been a warm relationship ever since.  Susan has aligned herself with some great people.  I should really say that these great people have realized the value that Kricun Media can bring to them.  Whether it’s a new business, a charity, an existing powerhouse in the Valley, Susan has managed to take them to the next level.  There’s a lot of bad television out there…just never when Susan is involved!

- Tara Hitchcock | KPHO CBS 5